Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Oregon Traitors Propose Gun Control

An open letter from my blogspot to the Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee:

The agenda states that today you meet for consideration of gun control. Thank you for the reminder outlined in SB 1551. I am Don Leach, author of Oregon Concealed. It is a primer on what one needs to know under current Oregon Laws as they are enforced today to successfully carry a concealed handgun in Oregon. It would be what is called "the Bible" for those who have or want to have a concealed license.
 OREGON CONCEALED - The Best Defense

I have taught thousands of people the basics for their handgun safety certificate. A surprising number of them have been Ds . They are of a common mindset, they need to be able to defend themselves from the everyday bad guys. Of those they identify as "Bad Guys," right up there at the top with Rapists, Murderers, and Sex Offenders are those legislators who would and do support gun control.

SB1551 is nothing more than an end run around Oregon's Bill of Rights, specifically, Article I, Sections 1 and 27. The standard to burden a constitutional right is much higher than any evidence you all can possibly find here in Oregon to apply the controls you now contemplate.

I don't believe in the apparent irony of the SB1551 designation on this proposed legislation. I incorporate the evidence I provided last session on the then SB1551 and other gun control issues, about 68,000 words, which at their core attack the legislative supporters of that session's gun control measures.

In the past calling Prozanski, Burdick, Courtney and their ilk "political prostitutes, whores, and murders", I may have left some things out. Did I call them "treasonous traitors?" In reflection, I think I did. Name calling sometimes takes away from the core messages but I think not in this instance.

I think you all should look at the "why" of name calling. When people cannot be heard, they try by shouting louder, and name calling to get attention, to be heard. In this case some of you just don't get it. The Ds think they can make these meaningless gestures a platform for future political gain. I think they misjudge their constituency.

If the recent political history surrounding Ds and their gun control effort repeats, here in Oregon they too will be voted out. Absent the voters box, then the other side of history will most probably repeat. It will be a radical D that takes them out with the cartridge box, that works to stomp out the tyranny of government the legislative gun control advocates represent when the metaphoric fecal matter hits the proverbial fan, so-to-speak. Whether by firing squad or as the attack on Ronald Regan, a D will probably do the job.

Which ever day comes first, I hope I get to sit on the jury, whether in the voter's box (another metaphoric thing here in Oregon) or the jury box of the D that pulls that trigger or those triggers. Either way, here is what I know at my core: The supporters of this bill declare themselves enemies of the Oregon Constitution and enemies of the people of Oregon.

I was thinking about sending you all a copy of my book but you are not worth it. You can go to my website to purchase one if you desire.  For those who find this open letter on other social media I invite you to my blog spot.

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