Tuesday, January 28, 2014


In reflection on the overworked phrase "to live is to be in the moment" I thought of those moments as a child and brought this musing forward to the "now" of my moment driving to a writer's group. Babies if they think at all, live in their moment. From feeding to feeding.

As their world expands, the moments expand. Youth often have moments that consume five or ten minutes. Young adults have moments that can stretch to fifteen or more minutes. This line of thought continued through to now at the age of 66. I plan and look forward to months down the road. Yet I live today. At the same time I live for tomorrow, next week, month, and even years. 

An enlightenment some would call a "Zen moment" at the age of 26 brings this line of thought to a crashing end where one would expect I would have had my world expanded. That is exactly what happened, over time. It wasn't until I had gained enough life's experience I finally came to embrace that understanding.  

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