Monday, January 20, 2014

Would Martin Luther King support Obama Care?

Credited to MLK:  "Of all of the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and the most inhumane."

     The lynch-pin of freedom is liberty. At the core of liberty is my (and your) ability to be in control ourselves and the fruits of what we do. When the government (or anyone or any other thing) can steal our fruits and put them in other people's baskets under the color of law, we are no longer free. There are those who would and do argue that "law" makes it OK to do so for the betterment of society. History is replete with the error of that kind of thinking. At its core is the path to slavery. 

     It is not rocket science and it does not need a Mensa graduate to figure this one out. MLK bought into the social equality thing. He was the right person at the right time and place. With a simplex understanding of the whole race thing, I think he probably meant by "injustice" was how the negro race was being treated at that time in the health care system and he was NOT projecting for the future. 

     Notwithstanding that view point, in poking fun in a more serious way at Obama Care and the foundation upon which those laws are built, which are bull shit or in perhaps a less offensive way would be to say they are without meaningful substance: We go the next step from the obvious slavery of Obama Care and find the Rs now engaging the same rhetoric which in substance is to say they now have their own plan to steal from me and others. 

     I believe in Liberty so we can have freedom. Those who would steal my ability to have liberty are nothing more than thieves. It doesn't get much simpler than that. Being somewhat of an Old Testament kind of guy, I think we should stone them and I would cast the first stone. Maybe this is that stone. Who knows?

     The answer to the question posed in the heading is: Martin Luther King Jr. would NOT support Obama Care.
He would stand in objection to it. MLK knew and understood slavery. He lived in the aftermath of it and experienced the evils inherent in slavery. It is what he fought against and rallied a nation against. 

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  1. I find it interesting, Don, that you are comparing two men from the African Diaspora but from different time periods. Yes, some things have not gotten better since MLK Jr.'s time.

    But a big difference is that one was an agent of social change and advocate for the disenfranchised and the other is the President of the United States. The president has a lot more clout even if Congress seems to be working against him at times.

    I'm a fan of Pres.Obama and I support what Dr. King was striving for. I'm trying to figure out by your post if you're a disgruntled libertarian in general or just not a fan of Obama (says the "colored girl" who was formerly your Oregon neighbor down the way)? j/k

    1. Have you ever asked yourself why congress is acting against him?

  2. What I get from this is that MLK jr did anything he could at any time to ensure our rights while your president is inconsiderate of citizens rights altogether. He also disregards the the entire American system in the attempt to remake it his own. He demands the we do the patriotic thing and follow his direction because he is the president, and at the same time says he will move forward with anything he deems is a good idea without congress. I am fan of the works of MLK for the work he did towards the rights of Americans. Also, not a fan of Obama for the work he has done against the rights of American citizens.
    (says the "colored boy" who was formerly raised by you)