Monday, January 20, 2014

NRA finally gets one right!

The NRA is often believed to be the mainstay of the bastion of defense against the onslaught of gun control advocates. I believe something different which is for another blog another day. In my law practice I have represented the good guy who shot the bad guy. In one instance it was the good guy the prosecuting District Attorney in Klamath County, Oregon that tried to put my client away on criminal charges for defending his life, wife, and home. I didn't make a movie of it, but then, I don't have the resources of the NRA.

Regardless of what I otherwise think of the NRA, they recently did something well, really well. I recommend for accuracy and truth:

Of course I recommend my book as well, Oregon Concealed where under the "books" tab and clicking on Oregon Concealed one can find basic information for review and purchase.

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