Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Here in Oregon we yet again face issues of slavery. The former slaves of the late 18th century banded together to keep and caused to be enforced their Federal Second Amendment rights. Who knew the NRA with its roots deeply embedded in the anti-slavery issues of that period would be facing new slavery issues in these modern times?

In his State of the Union address your President announced in substance he is going to ignore your constitutional rights, my constitutional rights, and the constitutional rights of everyone else. By enacting Executive Orders he is intending to circumvent the very protections intended to keep us from being slaves to government, to keep us from the tyranny of the federal government.

The glaring iconic irony represented by a black skin takes us back to the 1700s when the black people gathered up the black people of their continent and sold them to the white slave traders. Now, today, a black president sells the people of his continent into slavery through his Obama Care - the Affordable Care Act. AND he wants to make sure the people of this continent can not defend themselves by taking their inalienable and fundamental right to own protection away. His latest endeavor - ammunition bans.

To those of us here in Oregon, this is noting new. Our elected officials such as Burdick and Prozanski have led the attack on us in the form of legislated gun controls. Even with the attack thwarted in the last legislature we are again under attack.

Obama - Prozanski
Prozanski has done so in violation of his constitutional oath of office to uphold the Oregon Constitution (OC). He has done so in violation of OC Article I, Section 27 which guarantee our rights to self protection. Our actual rights in our Bill of Rights here in Oregon are better than those at the federal level and he knows that. We have not needed court decisions such as Heller and McDonald to tell us what we know we already have, the right to Keep and Bare Arms!

Before those acts of Prozanski can be constitutional in Oregon, he has to work to change the Oregon Constitution. He refuses to enter that process because he knows that at his core he will fail.  By his attempted acts Prozanski shows he is one of the lowest forms of political life, a political prostitute, a political whore.

Whether the reader of this blog is a Democrat, Republican, or belongs to some other party; if the thoughts of Liberty and Freedom are your guide, if you are opposed to slavery, then as surely as you live and breath you owe it to yourself and to your posterity to make your vote count. The ballot box, the jury box, the cartridge box. I pray for liberty and freedom through the ballot box. I am willing to exercise my constitutional right to again vote on the law in the jury box. If compelled to preserve the liberty and freedoms of our forefathers I will turn to the cartridge box.

Don Leach, author
Oregon Concealed

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