Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Here in Oregon we yet again face issues of slavery. The former slaves of the late 18th century banded together to keep and caused to be enforced their Federal Second Amendment rights. Who knew the NRA with its roots deeply embedded in the anti-slavery issues of that period would be facing new slavery issues in these modern times?

In his State of the Union address your President announced in substance he is going to ignore your constitutional rights, my constitutional rights, and the constitutional rights of everyone else. By enacting Executive Orders he is intending to circumvent the very protections intended to keep us from being slaves to government, to keep us from the tyranny of the federal government.

The glaring iconic irony represented by a black skin takes us back to the 1700s when the black people gathered up the black people of their continent and sold them to the white slave traders. Now, today, a black president sells the people of his continent into slavery through his Obama Care - the Affordable Care Act. AND he wants to make sure the people of this continent can not defend themselves by taking their inalienable and fundamental right to own protection away. His latest endeavor - ammunition bans.

To those of us here in Oregon, this is noting new. Our elected officials such as Burdick and Prozanski have led the attack on us in the form of legislated gun controls. Even with the attack thwarted in the last legislature we are again under attack.

Obama - Prozanski
Prozanski has done so in violation of his constitutional oath of office to uphold the Oregon Constitution (OC). He has done so in violation of OC Article I, Section 27 which guarantee our rights to self protection. Our actual rights in our Bill of Rights here in Oregon are better than those at the federal level and he knows that. We have not needed court decisions such as Heller and McDonald to tell us what we know we already have, the right to Keep and Bare Arms!

Before those acts of Prozanski can be constitutional in Oregon, he has to work to change the Oregon Constitution. He refuses to enter that process because he knows that at his core he will fail.  By his attempted acts Prozanski shows he is one of the lowest forms of political life, a political prostitute, a political whore.

Whether the reader of this blog is a Democrat, Republican, or belongs to some other party; if the thoughts of Liberty and Freedom are your guide, if you are opposed to slavery, then as surely as you live and breath you owe it to yourself and to your posterity to make your vote count. The ballot box, the jury box, the cartridge box. I pray for liberty and freedom through the ballot box. I am willing to exercise my constitutional right to again vote on the law in the jury box. If compelled to preserve the liberty and freedoms of our forefathers I will turn to the cartridge box.

Don Leach, author
Oregon Concealed

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


In reflection on the overworked phrase "to live is to be in the moment" I thought of those moments as a child and brought this musing forward to the "now" of my moment driving to a writer's group. Babies if they think at all, live in their moment. From feeding to feeding.

As their world expands, the moments expand. Youth often have moments that consume five or ten minutes. Young adults have moments that can stretch to fifteen or more minutes. This line of thought continued through to now at the age of 66. I plan and look forward to months down the road. Yet I live today. At the same time I live for tomorrow, next week, month, and even years. 

An enlightenment some would call a "Zen moment" at the age of 26 brings this line of thought to a crashing end where one would expect I would have had my world expanded. That is exactly what happened, over time. It wasn't until I had gained enough life's experience I finally came to embrace that understanding.  

Monday, January 20, 2014

Would Martin Luther King support Obama Care?

Credited to MLK:  "Of all of the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and the most inhumane."

     The lynch-pin of freedom is liberty. At the core of liberty is my (and your) ability to be in control ourselves and the fruits of what we do. When the government (or anyone or any other thing) can steal our fruits and put them in other people's baskets under the color of law, we are no longer free. There are those who would and do argue that "law" makes it OK to do so for the betterment of society. History is replete with the error of that kind of thinking. At its core is the path to slavery. 

     It is not rocket science and it does not need a Mensa graduate to figure this one out. MLK bought into the social equality thing. He was the right person at the right time and place. With a simplex understanding of the whole race thing, I think he probably meant by "injustice" was how the negro race was being treated at that time in the health care system and he was NOT projecting for the future. 

     Notwithstanding that view point, in poking fun in a more serious way at Obama Care and the foundation upon which those laws are built, which are bull shit or in perhaps a less offensive way would be to say they are without meaningful substance: We go the next step from the obvious slavery of Obama Care and find the Rs now engaging the same rhetoric which in substance is to say they now have their own plan to steal from me and others. 

     I believe in Liberty so we can have freedom. Those who would steal my ability to have liberty are nothing more than thieves. It doesn't get much simpler than that. Being somewhat of an Old Testament kind of guy, I think we should stone them and I would cast the first stone. Maybe this is that stone. Who knows?

     The answer to the question posed in the heading is: Martin Luther King Jr. would NOT support Obama Care.
He would stand in objection to it. MLK knew and understood slavery. He lived in the aftermath of it and experienced the evils inherent in slavery. It is what he fought against and rallied a nation against. 

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NRA finally gets one right!

The NRA is often believed to be the mainstay of the bastion of defense against the onslaught of gun control advocates. I believe something different which is for another blog another day. In my law practice I have represented the good guy who shot the bad guy. In one instance it was the good guy the prosecuting District Attorney in Klamath County, Oregon that tried to put my client away on criminal charges for defending his life, wife, and home. I didn't make a movie of it, but then, I don't have the resources of the NRA.

Regardless of what I otherwise think of the NRA, they recently did something well, really well. I recommend for accuracy and truth:

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Concealed Handgun Defense in Oregon

One of the co-owners (Connie Barns) of the Mistic Gentleman's Club (strip club) where bad guy Hjelmeland shot bouncer Brian Rizzo and two others, described the incident as a "random act of violence." It was NOT random.

Almost a week ago, after being rejected from the strip club Hjelmeland returned that same night in a Holloween mask with a gun, made racial slurs, and started shooting. Rizzo among others was shot and he is in critical condition at the time of this writing.

A different bouncer, Jonathan Baer with a concealed handgun license and handgun pulled his gun and shot Hjelmeland just outside of the club as Hjelmeland advanced on others. Ultimately Hjelmeland dies as a result of those shots.

A student in one of our concealed handgun classes had a similar incident in Portland in the late 2000s. He asked I not put his story in my book Oregon Concealed or identify him to our classes. But he did say it was OK to tell his story keeping his name out of it. In that spirit:

I will call him "K." He ordered the drunk Bad Guy out of the club for fighting. Bad Guy turning at the door confronted K. Pointing his fist with fore finger extended and thumb up as if it were a gun said, "I am going to come back and shoot you in the guts." He dropped his thumb as if a hammer was falling.

K called 911. He reported the incident, telling the operator he feared for his life. She said, "Was anyone hurt?"


"Then we cannot dispatch."

K was amazed. "But I think this was for real."

She responded, "But was anyone hurt?"

Again a "no" from K.

"Then we cannot dispatch."

Forty five minutes later K was on the operating table. He reported he died three times on the operating table. The doctors sewed him up with seven feet of his intestines removed, almost 1/3 of his liver gone. The .357 Magnum messed him up internally in a major way, leaving K with a permanent colostomy. He went from almost 280 lbs. to  135 pounds. The fiance of course was not committed to that kind of long haul. He lost the two other jobs, and had to quit school. The baggy bib coveralls covered the colostomy.

K reminded me of Ron Kolow (sp?) who worked underground in the coal mine with me in Utah. Ron had been caved on and busted up internally. The dug him out. We called him "Lyal" for "Luck Your Alive." He too walked like an old man, all bent over in the same manner as K. Ron used a walking stick and it looked like K should have one too.

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At the closest, the police are a 911 call away while the confrontation is in your face. If one cannot defend them self then they are no better off than teachers or federal workers in Oregon.